Caffè Lavazza, San Fedele square, Milan

The Chandelier designed for Lavazza is the result of a massive design challenge of Bilumen together with the interior design studio JHP.
JHP has been entrusted with the interior design project of the first flagship store of the Turin company. Giorgio Brambilla, CEO of Bilumen srl, designed the whole lighting scheme for store plus the core lighting element of the space: "The Lavazza's chandelier" The amazing luminous invention occupies an area of almost 30sqm, spread over an elliptical shape of 7.5 m in the major axis and 4.5 m in the minor axis. It weighs about 900 kg.

The Chandelier is made up of 640 beans of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate, transparent acrylic resin with optical characteristics superior to the crystal) with two amber colors and two beans sizes: one of 16 cm and the other of 12 cm.
30% of these beans are made with the Lavazza institutional blue and are not illuminated.
The 610 illuminated beans have a light source formed by a 5 LEDs board.
There are over than 3,000 LEDs, powered by over 4,500 meters of cable.

All the beans are controlled individually by a DMX software, in order to generate scenarios and original configurations.