When light is only made to measure.

Bilumen is a special company.
An innovative brand that is unique in many ways, blazing a new trail in the world of lighting. The starting point is never what already exists. It is what people dream about, what the client requires, in that specific place, day, evening, night, month, year. The company does not sell lamps, or propose the use of lamps that are available on the market. It dialogues, observes, proposes and designs light made to measure. For you.

First it studies and designs the immaterial, the atmosphere, the magic, the focus, the environment. Then it builds the machine, the device, the fixture, the light-emitting body. It chooses the source, the temperature, the intensity, the gradient. For you.

It understands light. It listens to the client, in a dialogue with you and for you. For You.

Bilumen doesn't provide products for the consumer market. It works to offer companies in the fields of fashion, luxury, residential development and high-end hospitality custom solutions that meet all their requirements when it comes to light.

Bilumen has no catalogue. It sells ideas, expertise and care, transformed into products. Products that are created for the display space that generated them.

Bilumen offers a revolutionary approach to teh lighting of stores and images spaces. Foreseeing and interpreting a trend of product personalization that is emerging in various sectors, Bilumen provides technical lighting solutions that are always, exclusively made to measure.

A team of interior designers, electronic engineers, technical lighting experts, product designers, mechanical designers and project managers is able to very quickly develop lighting fixtures and systems that provide the performance characteristics required for your project. For you.

Bilumen combines fine craftsmanship, technological expertise, research and development prowess and high-level industrial quality with the abilities and professionalism of a technical lighting design studio; in fact, unlike normal companies, the technical lighting consulting is never offered free of charge.

Bilumen takes charge of every aspect of lighting: from the development of the concept to the solution for specific technical issues, including visits to worksites all over the world; from the conservative restoration of antique lamps and fixtures to close coordination with designers, for the invention of large luminous structures, and the supervision of assembly phases for the most complex structures. In this way, Bilumen provides a unique, original service of great value, where at the end of the process the product, the lighting device, becomes an intrinsic element of your facility and your activity.